My Biggest Goals, and Progress Towards Them

July 25, 2009 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Goal Progress | Leave a comment

I’m pursuing two major goals right now, aside from keeping this blog. I want to pay off all of my non-mortgage debt, and I want to train to be a yoga instructor. The second goal depends on the first; if I’m debt-free, I’ll quickly be able to save up enough money to take basic yoga teacher training at the Providence Institute. Once I’ve done that, I’ll start looking for small teaching gigs. I’m leaning towards beginning with volunteer work, since many of the things I’d like to do — hold classes in psych wards and for workers who suffer from repetitive stress injuries — would probably pay little or nothing.

What do I need to do to accomplish these goals? Right now, four things:

1. I’m putting $200 per paycheck towards debt payments in addition to what I already have withheld. For the record, here’s the total of my debts: $415.92 at 12.5% on my Visa card, which I cut up in accordance with my own advice; $3,859.42 at 5.75% on my car — I got a title loan a year and a half ago to pay an enormous and unexpected tax bill. The first I should be able to knock out in a month; one of my assignments over the next week will be to run a loan calculator on the second to see how long it will take at my current rate. Then I’ll decide whether to adjust the amount I’m putting towards debt. Eventually, once I’ve paid off the debt, I’ll start shoveling all of my debt payments into saving towards tuition.

2. Tracking my spending and setting up a budget. I hate doing this, but if I don’t I suspect that I won’t find the motivation to change my spending habits enough to meet my goals.

3. Practicing yoga daily and going to a class once a week, ideally at a yoga studio where I’ve never practiced before. This has been hard. For whatever reason, I’ve been deeply reluctant to practice for months now. Once I do it, of course, I love it. But my whole reason for going public with my goals is to get a little bit of accountability started on the yoga thing.

4. Research different courses of teacher training and decide where I’d like to go. I’m leaning towards Providence, but I haven’t really explored other options thoroughly. If there’s a cheaper, quicker alternative, I might try that first, just to get started. For instance, Pima Community College might offer something that would help me to get teaching right away.

So those are my goals. Look for updates at least weekly. I think the public accountability thing will really give me the extra boost that I need to take these crucial steps.


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