Creating A Fall Marketing Campaign Using Take Back Your Brain

August 7, 2009 at 8:27 pm | Posted in Finances, Goal Progress | 1 Comment

I’ve just been investigating the amazing Take Back Your Brain, a site devoted to creating advertising campaigns marketed to a single person: You. The author has come up with a brilliant idea: rather than remain at the mercy of cigar-chomping, back-room capitalists who just want to squeeze a buck or $100,000 from you, take back your brain by creating an elaborate marketing campaign that will permeate your life with positive images.

One of my main goals is to establish an emergency fund above the $8,000 I will receive from the government for having recently bought my first home. Over the medium term I want to do a debt snowball, a technique advocated by personal finance author Dave Ramsey, who, for all of his hucksterism, actually has a plan that works. Basically, rather than paying off high-interest debt first, you begin with the smallest debts and gain momentum and with a few quick successes. Luckily, in my case my smallest debt also has the highest interest rate.

Anyway, anyway, anyway. Take Back Your Brain’s step-by-step Fall Advertising Campaign will help you to create a personalized set of advertisements that will program you to reach your goals, not others’ goals for you.

What does this have to do with being bipolar? Well, goal setting is crucial to gaining and maintaining mental health. Whether your goal is to get eight hours of sleep a night, take your meds consistently, find a doctor who will work with you constructively, or get a job, Take Back Your Brain can help you to do it.

As I design my fall advertising campaign, I will share the different elements here as an example of how goal setting can work. I will also place public pressure on myself to meet my goals. So here goes.

My first motto is “Pause. Reflect. Pray.” That’s what I’ll be doing from now on when spending money on non-essentials.

My first attempt to market to a small, bipolar audience.

My first attempt to market to a small, bipolar audience.

Well, it took forever to figure out how to upload that. If it weren’t for technological change, I suppose I would never feel the need to learn a thing.

In any case, I’ll be back tomorrow with another marketing ploy and a post on what to do when you feel like crap during what is normally your best part of the day.


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  1. In elementary school we taught our students to Stop, Think and Decide…a little different, but a little the same. I’m really enjoying your blog and I think it’s not only for the bi-polar.

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