Writing and Distributing a Crisis Plan

August 17, 2009 at 4:23 am | Posted in Fighting Prejudice, Links, Resources | Leave a comment

I knew that I’d seen a good crisis plan somewhere — I had a PDF of an excellent one on my desktop. Turns out it’s from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance’s online toolkit, Facing Us. You will need to register for a free account and go under “Wellness Plan” to find and download it. It’s definitely worth it for this excellent resource alone. If the form seems valuable to you, I would suggest filling it out and giving a copy to your closest associates. The same goes for the list of warning symptoms supplied there.

I’ve filled out the Wellness Plan, too, but I admit that I don’t use it — I love to fill out wellness forms online, and am less enthusiastic about actually following through.

I’ve probably said this before — in fact, I know I have — but there are so many resources on the DBSA home page that it’s almost bewildering. My favorite is the Advocacy in Action section, where you can register to vote and get updates on current legislation and tips for rooting out and fighting stigma. It may simply be where I am with my illness, but I find it tremendously empowering — an eminently hateable word, don’t you think? — to get their infrequent emails and act on them by writing my representative and urging all of my friends to do so, too. (Whether my friends like it is another matter.) I like to think that my impassioned letter helped the Mental Health Parity Act passed, and that the screed I sent to the Obama transition team had some tiny influence on the legislation that’s Congress is currently piecing together.

So, yeah, emergency plans: consider making one and distributing it.

Love to all.

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