Another Breaking Story: The Onion Reports that President Obama Has Bipolar Disorder

August 21, 2009 at 4:22 am | Posted in Links | 1 Comment

…Along with my other favorite world leaders, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln:

I think this is pretty funny, but I can see that some might find it offensive. I like it partly because, though it is hilarious, it is spot-on as far as what bipolar disorder looks like from the outside. Or perhaps I like it precisely because it is spot-on, and I love to laugh at my own tiresome tragedy. For my money, something only counts as promoting stigma when it springs from ignorance, and this seems to be based in an intimate knowledge of the disease. What do you all think? Offensive or funny?

I found this video on Furious Seasons, a bipolar blog that tracks, among other things, the actions of Big Pharma and the Food and Drug Administration. It’s great for news updates on whatever you might be taking; check it out.


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  1. I found the video very good, and not at all offensive, thanks — hadn’t seen it before. Onion has some great stuff — I like their “American Voices” blurbs, and of course there are occasional classics like, “Is Your Cat Ready to Learn about Jesus”? (or some similar title) and the one about President Clinton proudly signing into law a bill giving all sorts of perks to “100 million talentless Americans.” Also highly recommended from this corner: Chris Kelly of HuffPo — hilarious political stuff and always spot on.

    Here’s hoping President Obama gets a good bill through on health care, with mental-health parity, whether he does it in his bathrobe or more appropriate attire.

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