John McCain’s Arrogance Shines Through

August 23, 2009 at 2:06 pm | Posted in In the News | Leave a comment

The New York Times reports here that John McCain and his fellow Republicans will take their marbles and go home if health care reform includes a public option.

So, Senator McCain, you think that the man who kicked your sorry ass in November should allow himself to be blackmailed by your remarks on the Sunday political talk shows? Your impulsivity and lack of judgment make me look like a model of self-awareness and rationality.

President Obama: Don’t you dare give in to him any more than you did to Hilary Clinton’s insistence that she be named your running mate after publicly fantasizing about your assassination. We sent you to Washington to pass health care reform and resuscitate a dying democracy. Don’t squander your mandate in the name of bipartisanship. They have no cards. Their wet dream is that the reform that passes will be expensive and ineffective, and will enrich their campaign contributors. If you let that happen, you will lose the popularity you enjoy, and the election in 2012.

Oh, and lots of people will die and suffer and go broke paying for perfectly treatable illnesses.

Just a thought.

Now, back to working on that comprehensive post on goal-setting.

Love to all.

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