My Failures, Plus a Quick eBook Review

September 14, 2009 at 4:51 am | Posted in Book Reviews, Dealing with Depression, Goal Progress, Wellness | Leave a comment

Good morning all. I’m here to tell you with smug pride that I failed at one goal for sure, and most likely two. On Saturday I swore that I would try hard to attract 50 hits over the weekend. Not only did I fail, I failed big: I got half that. Ah, well. Now, don’t desert this blog just because it’s gotten so popular that it’s no longer cool.

I also doubt that I helped five bipolar people. I’d loosely planned to go to a meeting of my local chapter of the Depression and Bipolar Alliance, hoping that nothing I said would make much of an impression. This failure doesn’t really count, since I didn’t much try. I admit that I hung out with a friend instead — one who isn’t even bipolar. So, not much of a failure.

What shall I fail at this week? Another excellent yoga practice, I think, this one at home (it’s very hard to have an outstanding yoga practice on your own), and perhaps 100 hits between now and Friday.

Now, about that ebook, Marelisa Fabrega’s 114 Ways to Celebrate Life. I think the best and simplest way to review this is just to give you a sample of the mini-celebrations that I intend to try:

8. Climb into bed when it’s raining outside; listen to the sound of the rain tapping against the window pane … 15. Donate your time at a food shelter; 16. Invest in a third world country entrepeneur through kiva. org … 18. Donate clothes you no longer use to a battered women’s shelter … 46. Go to a pet shop and “ooh” and “aah” at the puppies and kittens … 50. Search your local newspaper for the next gallery opening near your home and attend … 59. Learn to bake peach cobbler.

Now, since we don’t get a lot of rainfall in these parts, I fake number eight by calling up an iPhone app, Sleepmaker Storms Pro, which makes storm noises for your drifting-off pleasure. I use it nightly, and pretend that I’m in a little banana-leaf shelter on a desert island.

Also, I would visit a no-kill shelter like The Hermitage rather than hanging out in a pet store. My lovely cats are both rescues, and they are darned close to the best pets I’ve ever had or met.

All told, though, Fabrega lists some lovely, life-affirming projects, large and small. You could use any one of her suggestions to combat depression or enhance wellness, and she offers enough choices that several are bound to appeal to you. And did I mention that it’s free? So it’s pretty easily worth the price of admission. Plus it comes with a most fine hummingbird photo on the cover.


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