Senate Passes Limited Health Care Reform

December 20, 2009 at 4:14 am | Posted in In the News, The Heath Care System | 1 Comment

Yes, after placating assorted holdouts and clearing a host of procedural hurdles, Senate Democrats have passed health care reform.

I have mixed feelings about the bill. On the one hand, if they don’t pass anything this year the political climate may worsen to the point where a bill may not come up for another 20 years. On the other, the Senate bill doesn’t include a public option, which originally was a compromise designed to win votes from progressives who support a single-payer system.

One progressive Senator remarked that “We’ve compromised the compromise of our compromise,” and it does feel that way. The current Senate bill makes a few incremental improvements, and for those I’m grateful. On the whole, though, requiring everyone to buy insurance without including significant cost-cutting measures seems like a giveaway to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. In fact, I wish I’d bought stock during the negotiation period, because this is sure to give insurance companies a boost on the market.

I’m tempted to speculate on what could have been if Obama had taken a more active role in the debate by giving a series of major speeches framing the issues. He’s a centrist, though, and may be more or less pleased with what passed.


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  1. This is not health care reform. In fact its not even health care. All this bill does is force you to buy health insurance. Also there is a big difference between health care and health insurance. For those that dont understand the difference. Think of your car as your body. You have to have insurance for it. However, what does that do for the well being of your car? Does geico change your tires or give you oil changes to keep it going or repair age problems or parts braking? No, insurance is there only if shit happens. Like some drunk idiot plowing though you at 90 mph on a saturday night. Even then if damages go over a certain price your fucked. Same as health insurance. Until we have “health care” some ones getting payed and the rest of us are fucked. So now we are being forced to buy something that sucks in the first place. Though all those asshole politicians will clap for themselves and pat themselves on the back while they piss down your back and tell you its raining. Thanks a lot guys and gals.
    P.S. can you stop giving are money away to sorry companies that cant even turn a profit.

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