Links: New FDA Website Answers Basic Questions about Regulation and Approval Processes

January 16, 2010 at 2:39 am | Posted in Links, The Heath Care System | Leave a comment

I’m liking the Food and Drug Administration’s new website, which offers information on how the FDA regulates everything from sunscreen to biotechnology. If you take psych medication, it’s essential that you understand both how the system is supposed to work and its very real weaknesses. Thanks to the Pharma Blog Review for pointing out this valuable resource.

The Carlat Psychiatry blog offers a brief but sensible assessment of the therapy-versus-drugs debate between psychiatrists and psychologists, and calls for more shrinks who are trained in proven therapy methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Eminently sensible.

I fell off the wagon yesterday and drank a cup of coffee. It was delightful, but I was dragged-out and yawny later in the day. No walking and no smiling. I will get to it today. I’m also planning to sign up for classes in drawing and writing experimental poetry. Yay!

The Simple Dollar’s short article on important but not urgent tasks gave me a needed kick in the pants. The author makes an excellent point: Willingness to take on dull but crucial tasks often separates the sheep from the goats. Or, in his words, “It is the special person – the one on the path to success – who can put aside the countless “urgent but not important” things in life … and replace them with the “important but not urgent” things.


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