Revolt and Resignation is a blog for manic-depressives like me: high-functioning, but still in a constant battle for their own bodies, hearts and minds. To reach me, send an email to revoltandresignation@gmail.com.

I am a data manager for a large manufacturing company, though I spent most of my adult life in academia. My doctorate is in Comparative Literature with one emphasis in feminist studies and another in critical theory. My dissertation was on changing concepts of rape in Greek, Roman, early Christian, and contemporary U.S. culture; I’m more than happy to go on and on about that for anyone who expresses even casual interest.

I own cats. I love the bands Download, Ohgr, Venetian Snares, and Autechre. I take a lot of medication. When I’m not here, I’m working, gardening, rock climbing, hiking, reading, making jewelry, experimenting with different sorts of prayer, or visiting galleries. Most likely working. I struggle mightily to achieve wellness, and, being human, often fail. I am very shy, and struggle daily to overcome isolation and loneliness.

I love all of you, and want you all to get as well as you can. I am eager to share whatever wisdom I’ve picked up on the subjects of manic and unipolar depression.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice Review. Although the book sounds great, I am really tempted, I am holding off on it till I am done with my project.

    Although I definitely can relate with the some of the stuff you touched on.

    The hardest I think to overcome is – well, it is worse than we think…way worst! Then accepting it has it’s hurtles. Last is “WTF” to do after your realize everything. Again, been there, been there done that.

    Hope your on twitter…hit me up then I can follow you.

    Peace Out,

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